Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For King & Country

A few posts ago I told you all about one of my biggest role models, Moriah Peters. A month ago she got married which was very exciting for me and all of her fans. I knew she was marrying a Australian, named Joel, from another Christian Band one of my friends had told me about.
Little did I know that that band would be at a Youth Evangelism Conference I was going to last weekend.

The band is called, as you may have guessed from this post title, for King & Country. They are incredibly talented and their music is so powerful. I got to see them warm up and then got to meet Joel after the concert. He was very personable and visited with me for a couple minutes as he signed my new sweatshirt and took a picture with me. I told him, "The concert was great tonight. I am huge fan of your wife, which is actually how I found out about you." and he said "Moriah Peters, eh?". He was so nice and it was really a blessing to meet him.

Joel and his younger brother, Luke, started this band although Luke was not able to be at the concert because he is sick and in the hospital right now with digestive problems. Please be praying for Luke and his family. 

When I was on the way home from the conference I looked up the music video to one of my favorite songs of theirs called Proof of Your Love. It is a really powerful video that impacted me deeply. Please take a couple minutes to watch this video.

 When we speak up for Christ and share His love we can make a difference. Contrary to what some people believe with Christ we have the power to make an impact where we are, to rise up from the bonds that hold us.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Wow Julia! I like For King and Country too! I bet it was fun to meet Joel! I love that music video and song too! It's so moving. Did Lucas talk to you about For King and Country? Because I know he likes them.:)
    Can't wait for your next letter... or is it my turn?
    P.S. You're so pretty! I hope I can meet you in person soon!

    1. That is so cool that you like them to! It was a pleasure to meet him, he was so nice. Lucas was the one who told us about for King & Country. :) It is my turn to write a letter, I finished writing it yesterday and hope to send it off today or tomorrow. I am sorry it took me so long to write a reply to your last letter. Thank you so much! I would love to meet you in person as well!